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готов проект на

готов проект на

This is a ready project for a modern house. The project offers a high comfort of living, convenience and functionality combined with a modern vision. House 16 is a luxury house in modern style. The first floor has a living room with dining area and kitchen, fireplace area. There is a covered veranda with a dining and relaxation area. On the second floor there are three bedrooms with en suite bathroom and closet and two children’s bedrooms with shared bathroom. The bedrooms are designed with large balconies. In the underground level is the garage for two cars with the possibility of a small tavern or spa.



Minimum plot sizes for location of the house:

15,95 м / 21,05 м

Technical details:

Built-up area: 110,23 м2

Total built-up area: 343,04 м2

Floor areas:

BASEMENT: 100,12 м2

FLOOR 1: 110,23 м2

FLOOR 2: 132,69 м2


Above ground floors: 2

Premises: 5

Bedrooms: 3

Terraces: 3

Garage (NUMBER OF CARS): 2

Bathrooms (WC): 3

Basement: YES

PRICE of the project: BGN 6900 without VAT

What is included in the project price:

The project was developed in the Technical Design phase. The price includes the following 

  1. Architecture
  2. Constructions
  3. Compliance assessment (technical control)for part Constructions
  4. Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning / HVAC /
  5. Water supply and sewerage
  6. Electrical installations / EL /
  7. Energy efficiency
  8. Safety and Health Project / PBZ /
  9. Quantitative account Architecture

*The price is in Bulgarian levs and is without VAT. All parts are developed by licensed designers with full design qualifications.


  1. Project Geodesy – Tachymetric image of the terrain, vertical planning and tracing plan
  2. Landscaping project &Expert assessment of the existing vegetation is the Landscaping project
  3. Street installation projects water supply and sewerage
  4. Street installation projects Electrical Installations
  5. Compliance assessment for „Energy efficiency“
  6. Project for construction waste management / PUSO /, obligatory for houses over 300 m2
  7. Fire safety project, mandatory for houses over 250 m2
  8. Project for road-transport accessibility and PIC
  9. Geological and hydrological studies in the plot
  10. Designer’s supervision Architecture during construction
  11. Designer’s Supervision Constructions part during construction

All parts that are not included in the project are individual for each plot and project. We have licensed specialists who can prepare these projects by additional agreement.


  1. Documents for ownership of the plot;
  2. Sketch of the plot with a visa (design permit) or an excerpt from a detailed development plan, which details the development requirements of the plot (issued by the municipal administration after completion of an application form and presentation of proof of ownership);
  3. Data from the electric, and water supply and sewage companies (issued by the companies after completing an application form, proof of ownership, and a visa (design permit).


  1. A geodetic survey of the plot;
  2. Geological and hydrological studies of the plot;

Project changes:

Any changes in the project are possible, such as changing the materials on the facade, changing the dimensions of the house, adding or removing premises.
For changes that do not affect the construction and square footage of the house, the price remains unchanged.
For changes that affect the size and construction of the house, the cost of the project is calculated based on an additional agreement.

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